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Dark Reign Wiki Online

Posted in News and Updates on April 19th, 2009 by Satz

Wikimedia has been installed and the Dark Reign Wiki is online.

I am looking for a few people to Edit all the relevent information for the Wiki, I have a lot of offline information relating to the Wiki that people may find useful. If you want to help post on the forums or email me.

The community is as strong as always, and some epic 3 player Free For Alls (1.2 million water harvested each) and awesome 8 player games have been happening. Mesh, Foo and Satz have been making new maps, good times, come join us.

Playing Times

Posted in News and Updates on February 16th, 2009 by Satz

I have seen quite a few new people come into the lobby mid afternoon - early evening (Australian Time AWST-AEST), and leave the lobby thinking there is not much of a community.

Most games are played (during the week) from early morning to lunch time (Australian Time), with the most people playing on the weekends usually all day (Especially Saturday), but most concentrated in the early morning.

We are probably split at about 50/50 with the timezones, with half the community being in the Australian timezones, +8 to +10, and the other half being in the American timezones (And that is just a generalization, I know we have players from all over the world, just the bulk of the community is there).

I’ll have a talk to the other regular players and see if we can come to a conclusion for what are the best playing times to meet people online. Also, its best to leave your DROM online rather than enter and leave the lobby through the game window, you never know who you will miss.

Dark Reign Ventrilo Server up and running

Posted in News and Updates on January 16th, 2009 by Satz

The Dark Reign Ventrilo server is up and running as of today.

Ventrilo is a chat program that enables users/gamers to use their microphones instead of typing. I have created four different channels, named after the heavy tanks of Dark Reign, if we need more I will add more later on, but that is enough for two games to run side by side.

We have quite a different bunch of members in our community, from all over the world, it should be interesting to hear all the different accents, and if worst comes to worst, we always know, Element has the worst accent, according to Goose :) So don’t be shy about talking …

For more information see this thread in the forums:

Dark Reign Patch 1.7 Released to the Public

Posted in News and Updates on December 10th, 2008 by Satz

Dark Reign Patch 1.7 has been released to the public today, along with the new version (Revision 3) of Several players have been asking me how they load the new units to play them, and with a little bit of ingenuity and a stroke of luck, I have created some .exe files that will load the Mods (Strata-7, EoD, Terrorists and Auran Units) with a simply click of the mouse.

Dark Reign Patch 1.7 also includes as much documentation and utilities that affect Dark Reign that I could find. The reason for this is to get the documentation and utilities as wide spread as possible, so that people have all the information they need to edit Dark Reign in their Dark Reign folder.

From what I see now, Patch 1.7, should be the final patch released to the community without the availability of the Source Code to Dark Reign. If given the Source Code there are a few things that Element and I both agree needs fixing, mainly the 200 unit limit, which does not need to exist now we have computers, just a tad bit faster than 11 years ago. Also a Random Player side option would be nice, but I will make a thread about this in the forums to get every one’s opinion on this.

Patch 1.7 and Patch 1.4b are completely compatible, they are for arguments sake, the exact same patch. However, Patch 1.7 includes many new things that Patch 1.4b does not, as I said before the .exe files for loading the different mods, extra utilities and extra documentation.

It also advertises the community website inside the gamescreen (Not on the main menu), so that people know where to find us and to join the community.

I have been looking through my traffic logs for, and Patch 1.6 has been downloaded hundreds upon hundreds of times, yet we do not see any many members join the community. I believe that this could be a combination of two things, that the old website appeared inactive, my bad … I was busy with my life but I am free now … And that is also nearly inactive (On Element’s part), as he does not have the time to update it, but the forums are active. We both love Dark Reign and want the community to be kept together. Hence the thousands of hours of work that has gone into this website and this patch.

I will try my best to get people to join our community, to relive the days of old, to play this classic game.

A big shoutout to Element, my Dark Reign brother from the other side of the world, who has done so much for this community and we are sincerely indebted to him. Burn-X mate, get in contact with me.

Oh, FYI … My email address … I forgot to register it … my bad … but its working now, so if you want to get into contact with me, that is the place to do it!

New Website up and running!

Posted in News and Updates on August 9th, 2008 by Satz

This is just a little post to say that the new website is up and running and working as it should be :)

Tell me what you think …

Domain change for Dark Reign Central

Posted in News Archive on July 18th, 2008 by Element

Nykk kindly allowed me to use the domain + hosting for the community for the past 2 years, however we found out in the meantime that the provider he used ( was only ‘renting’ the name to him, and therefore we were forced to use their hosting.

This stopped me from using my own faster/better hosting, so I’ve registered a new domain, and will start moving everything there. This will probably take a while.

More updates later on.

New Drom 1.5

Posted in News Archive on April 21st, 2008 by Element

DROM 1.5 is done, it should get rid of the lag problem and also shows if games are launched or not.

Let me know if you find any problems with it.

Vista Update

Posted in News Archive on April 7th, 2008 by Element

The problem with Vista has been solved.

Quick Downloads:

  • Dark Reign 1.4b (full version)(89MB)
  • Dark Reign 1.4b Patch (16MB)

A new Dark Reign download has been put up - I will also be retiring the Multiplayer version, only the full game will be up.

If you don’t want to download the full game, you can download just the file, overwrite all files in your dark reign folder and technically it should work.

To run the game you must launch either Original Dark Reign.exe or Shadowhand Dark Reign.exe. For online play it’s better to use the Shadowhand one - the Original exe is just if you want to play the original Dark Reign missions.

Also in collaboration with Satz, the game now includes all the sprite and sound files from various addons/mods:

  • strata7 (Starcraft conversion)
  • terrorist (Terrorist side)
  • greed (Greed mod)
  • koth (King of the Hill mod)
  • aurunits (Auran extra units)
  • 4 new terrains (Australia, Asteroid, Volcano, Auralien)

This version of Dark Reign will be known as 1.4b so as to avoid confusion with 1.4

This is regarded an essential update - please download either the patch or full download.

Dark Reign on Vista

Posted in News Archive on December 21st, 2007 by Element

I haven’t tested this myself, but apparently Dark Reign runs on Vista just fine according to Marcus:

Author: Marcus
Date: 12-20-07 12:32

Hi All

Yes it is absolutely possibel to play Dark Reign under Vista.

This is a very simple process using Vista’s “Compatibility” feature.

This Compatibilty feature is also available under XP.

If you dont use this Compatibility feature - you will have errors when installing Dark Reign. You may be successful installing the game - however - it will not run if you dont run the Compatibility feature.

1. Go to the Vista “Start” button
2. Go to Help and Support
3. In the search field type “compatibility”
4. Click on “Start the Program Compatibility Wizard”

Following the screen prompts.

The best this to do is put your DR CD in your Computer - then tell the Compatibility Wizard to run the CD as a WIN 98 Program. It will then intall perfectly.

Then next thing to do is run the compatibility wizard again - and fin the Dark Reign Exe/ program file - and select it to run as a WIN 98 program and 600 x 800 resolution etc…

The wizard will save your settings forever!

Game Download Problem

Posted in News Archive on November 28th, 2007 by Element

Thank’s to Mesh’s spamming spree many old players are learning about the DR rebirth. Unfortunately I haven’t got to updating the game downloads to point to the new server ( So either patch it, or change the server in Tactics.cfg (in your dark reign folder) to say instead of

Server change

Posted in News Archive on November 8th, 2007 by Element

Since is being moved to a 64 bit server that won’t run the dr server, a new server will be used,

Download the new DROM

and here is the new patch to set as the server in dark reign (just install it in your dark reign folder overwriting all files)

Or you could just change the server in tactics.cfg in your dark reign folder to

Server up again.

Posted in News Archive on November 4th, 2007 by Element

The server is working again.

Server Problem

Posted in News Archive on October 30th, 2007 by Element

There is a problem with the server, while I try an fix it you can use ‘’.

Just edit the tactics.cfg file in your dark reign folder and change the line:

That should let you join the lobby. Unfortunately DROM doesn’t support changing of servers, so it wont work until I fix the server.

DR Ladder

Posted in News Archive on March 19th, 2007 by Element

We’re going with Cases for the ladder, it’s all setup here:

Go sign up and start playing. I’m gonna organize a tourney with a cash prize for the winner some time in the next few months, so you better get practicing, mofos.

Dark Reign Ladder

Posted in News Archive on March 17th, 2007 by Element

Everyones been telling me that DR needs an sl. We have 3 to pick from - Cases, OzDRL, or I can make a custom one.

Please vote for the one you want (at the top of the page).

New Drom (v1.4)

Posted in News Archive on March 9th, 2007 by Element

I’ve uploaded a new version of DROM. Hopefully the ‘lagout’ issue with other versions has been fixed, please download it and try it out.

Website update

Posted in News Archive on March 3rd, 2007 by Element

The DR Server maybe going down for a day or two while the server it is being hosted on is being relocated. It’s not going to be down forever though.

Also the game is up for download if anyone has lost their CDs or has trouble installing from their CDs.

DROM update

Posted in News Archive on November 30th, 2006 by Element

Long time no update. I have been busy. I’ve uploaded a standalone drom which has the dll files needed to run by itself.


Posted in News Archive on October 27th, 2006 by Element

Well some ass has made a cheat map…it’s called 2trails, his name (last time I played him) was Slickz, and the map has very cheap, fast firing units when playing imperium.

I played him a game, killed him so fast he had no time to cheat. So the second game I let him build, big mistake, his units costs 2cr and build instantly as well as the donuts fire quicker. Therefore if you think someone beat you and his units seem uncannily strong, and he seemed to build way to many units for the water on the map, check the map folder for a units.txt or buildings.txt, if it has a file called that, it’s probably a cheat map.

Router Problems

Posted in News Archive on October 16th, 2006 by Element

So it turns out there are some routers that have problems with the DR server.

Taken from this old forum post, it turns out that the problem is how the router handles UDP packets.

In summary:

DR wants to use Loose UDP packets, most (newer) routers think of this as a security risk and drop those packets.

It’s quite technical, read the article if you want more detail. The point is that we cannot fix this with a patch, as it is router specific. If you are having problems (eg. seeing people in the lobby with 2000ms pings, not able to join games, not able to some other people speak) then do the following:

1) Turn off all firewalls, both on windows (including the default one) and on the router
2) Try activating DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).
3) Try enabling the ‘loose udp’ option on your router (sometimes known as ‘gaming mode’)
4) Try searching google for your router and loose udp or udp packets in case there is a firmware update, or a different method of enabling loose udp or someone had the same problems.
5) Finally, there’s nothing you can do, your router is just incompatible with DR, time to upgrade? :)

DROM update

Posted in News Archive on October 13th, 2006 by Element

New release of DROM v0.3

- games in progress are now displayed
- double clicking a game shows who’s in it
- chat line doesnt clip text
- name is limited to 14 chars
- People in DR: See a weird D with a line through it next to every one using DROM and they all go to the bottom of the list.
- People in DROM: See a weird little line next to people using DROM and they all go to the top of the list.
- Uh, some other things I don’t remember.

I’m also decomissioning the old drchat.exe


DR Windows Chat App

Posted in News Archive on October 10th, 2006 by Element

I took a while to finish the windows version of dr chat, no I’m not gonna apologise :p

DROM - Dark Reign Online Manager, just copy it into your dark reign folder (where anet2.dll is)

It’s sort of ready, but there are a few bugs that I hope are because I am running it on the same computer as dr, of course only public testing will tell.

It’s again a very unstable may cause your computer to melt it’s cpu version and there is no support whatsoever for it.

At the moment it can minimize to taskbar, flash when players enter or chat - and gives a list of players currently online. Sure there is more planned for the future, but windows programming is well…cumbersome to say the least.

Problems: I can’t figure out why; sometimes it will not read messages from other people, sometimes it will not send messages, sometimes both. It will always display the people currently online correctly, just sometimes messages get lost somewhere along the line. So if someone just joined, and they don’t seem to be responding to you, login to DR to make sure.

DR Chat beta

Posted in News Archive on September 22nd, 2006 by Element

So for the past few days I have left the dr chat running, and it’s amazing how many people are missing each other on the server by like 5 minutes.

So you can download the the (pre-alpha-alpha-mightcrashyourcomputer) version of drchat to test it out yourself:

1) dowload drchat.exe - no more, redundant, get DROM instead
2) Put it in your Dark Reign folder (where anet2.dll is)
3) Run it
4) type: name NICKNAME (your name not NICKNAME)
5) type: c bla bla whatever (to chat)
6) type: help (for help)

Dark Reign Chat App

Posted in News Archive on September 20th, 2006 by Element

Sorry for the lack of updates lately and the sorry state the website is in, I have been diverting my time to something much more interesting.

After trying to make something of the very unsupported API that the Dark Reign server runs with, I have managed to finally(!) complete a direct link from a standalone app.

What this means in plain english is that it is possible to talk in the Dark Reign lobby without actually running the game.

This is an achievement in itself, but it’s only half the deal. The next step is to create a windows program that you can keep running in the system tray that will alert you in realtime of new gamers on the server and allow you to talk with them.

But its 4am and it’s late. I’m off to bed.

New site

Posted in News Archive on September 14th, 2006 by Element

Welcome to the new and updated The Dark Reign Ladder has been moved to this much more relevant domain provided courteously by Nykk.

At the moment, it is still in the making, so there will be a couple bugs here and there. The good news is that the chat is working, and the online server stats (to the right) are also active, so you can chat and check the server without having to load up Dark Reign.

For those looking for the way to get Dark Reign working with the new server, the info can be found in patches.

Dark Reign Server

Posted in News Archive on September 9th, 2006 by Element

Well the Dark Reign Server is finally up. No more Kali! Just download the patch, overwrite the files into your Dark Reign folder and goto Multiplayer -> Internet. The good old lobby is back :).

Playing Times

Posted in News Archive on September 3rd, 2006 by Element

Most people meet to play Dark Reign on Saturday, 8pm GMT.

That is:

America - Saturday 1-4pm
Europe - Saturday 8-10pm
Australia - Sunday 6-8am

Although most days at the same times you may find some people in.

Dark Reign League

Posted in News Archive on September 2nd, 2006 by Element

Welcome to the Dark Reign League, a semi-clone of the old Cases Ladder, but without the problems (such as 1 game a day, adverts, deleting of inactivite members).

For those new to the concept of a ladder, I suggest you read the ‘Help’ section on the menu to understand how it works.

This is currently a semi-test to see if a Dark Reign community can be built again. The ladder serves more than just a ranking system, it is a centralized area of active and playing members together with contact details.

I hope it will succeed, because I know there are old and new Dark Reigners out there who want to play.


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