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DR Windows Chat App

I took a while to finish the windows version of dr chat, no I’m not gonna apologise :p

DROM - Dark Reign Online Manager, just copy it into your dark reign folder (where anet2.dll is)

It’s sort of ready, but there are a few bugs that I hope are because I am running it on the same computer as dr, of course only public testing will tell.

It’s again a very unstable may cause your computer to melt it’s cpu version and there is no support whatsoever for it.

At the moment it can minimize to taskbar, flash when players enter or chat - and gives a list of players currently online. Sure there is more planned for the future, but windows programming is well…cumbersome to say the least.

Problems: I can’t figure out why; sometimes it will not read messages from other people, sometimes it will not send messages, sometimes both. It will always display the people currently online correctly, just sometimes messages get lost somewhere along the line. So if someone just joined, and they don’t seem to be responding to you, login to DR to make sure.

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