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Dark Reign on Vista

I haven’t tested this myself, but apparently Dark Reign runs on Vista just fine according to Marcus:

Author: Marcus
Date: 12-20-07 12:32

Hi All

Yes it is absolutely possibel to play Dark Reign under Vista.

This is a very simple process using Vista’s “Compatibility” feature.

This Compatibilty feature is also available under XP.

If you dont use this Compatibility feature - you will have errors when installing Dark Reign. You may be successful installing the game - however - it will not run if you dont run the Compatibility feature.

1. Go to the Vista “Start” button
2. Go to Help and Support
3. In the search field type “compatibility”
4. Click on “Start the Program Compatibility Wizard”

Following the screen prompts.

The best this to do is put your DR CD in your Computer - then tell the Compatibility Wizard to run the CD as a WIN 98 Program. It will then intall perfectly.

Then next thing to do is run the compatibility wizard again - and fin the Dark Reign Exe/ program file - and select it to run as a WIN 98 program and 600 x 800 resolution etc…

The wizard will save your settings forever!

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