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Vista Update

The problem with Vista has been solved.

Quick Downloads:

  • Dark Reign 1.4b (full version)(89MB)
  • Dark Reign 1.4b Patch (16MB)

A new Dark Reign download has been put up - I will also be retiring the Multiplayer version, only the full game will be up.

If you don’t want to download the full game, you can download just the file, overwrite all files in your dark reign folder and technically it should work.

To run the game you must launch either Original Dark Reign.exe or Shadowhand Dark Reign.exe. For online play it’s better to use the Shadowhand one - the Original exe is just if you want to play the original Dark Reign missions.

Also in collaboration with Satz, the game now includes all the sprite and sound files from various addons/mods:

  • strata7 (Starcraft conversion)
  • terrorist (Terrorist side)
  • greed (Greed mod)
  • koth (King of the Hill mod)
  • aurunits (Auran extra units)
  • 4 new terrains (Australia, Asteroid, Volcano, Auralien)

This version of Dark Reign will be known as 1.4b so as to avoid confusion with 1.4

This is regarded an essential update - please download either the patch or full download.

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