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Playing Times

I have seen quite a few new people come into the lobby mid afternoon - early evening (Australian Time AWST-AEST), and leave the lobby thinking there is not much of a community.

Most games are played (during the week) from early morning to lunch time (Australian Time), with the most people playing on the weekends usually all day (Especially Saturday), but most concentrated in the early morning.

We are probably split at about 50/50 with the timezones, with half the community being in the Australian timezones, +8 to +10, and the other half being in the American timezones (And that is just a generalization, I know we have players from all over the world, just the bulk of the community is there).

I’ll have a talk to the other regular players and see if we can come to a conclusion for what are the best playing times to meet people online. Also, its best to leave your DROM online rather than enter and leave the lobby through the game window, you never know who you will miss.

2 Responses to “Playing Times”

  1. Ebi Says:

    This is amazing. iremember getting the game when I was but 12 years old. tought the game was the most amazing thing ever, still do. was looking for some dark herasy info and stumbled on this. Was looking for a copy of the game for the past six years. This christmas!! The game is beyond ledgend. Will hopefully be able to join you all soon :)

  2. Allan/Don Corleone Says:

    I was 12 as well. I didnt own the game myself, but a friend had it. Future war AND shadowhand.
    It was way to cool playing online with all the rookies. We also had a clan called the beasts or something. A wery popular kind;)

    Now I hope to make this game work again so that I can join you guys.

    Don Corleone

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